Viña del Mar is much more than just sea and beaches. The city is filled with castles and palaces built in the early XXth century, a lot of which have now become cultural centers, such Palacio Vergara (fine arts museum), Carrasco Palace (the municipality’s cultural center), and Wülf Castle, (patrimony center). Also, palaces like Rioja are open to public.

Other places worth visiting are Teatro Municipal (a national monument), the casino, and Francisco Fonck Archaeology and Natural History Museum, which has pre-Columbian works in silver and pottery, and a rich collection about Easter Island, including a Moai brought directly from the island.

Regarding outdoor spaces, Quinta Vergara Amphitheater boasts exotic plants brought from the Asia and Australia by its owner, Dolores Pérez de Arce. This is the place where Festival de la Canción de Viña del Mar. Sausalito Lagoon, an old reservoir owned by the Vergara family, is a tourist complex wher you can enjoy boat rides, water ski, or complementary activities in its tennis courts and pools.

Finally, there is the Botanical Garden, with over three thousand different species of vegetals, and the popular flower clock, inaugurated in 1962, the same day the Soccer World Cup during started in our country. Taking a photo of yourself with the clock in the background is a must.



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