Following the procedure in detail  for obtaining single or multiple visa for foreign tourism:

What does it consist of?
In granting a visa for foreigners who wish to visit Chile for recreation or the like.
Are exempt nationals of countries with which Chile maintains a system of exemption from tourist visas

Where is it done?

  • Consulates of Chile abroad
  • Immigration Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, analyzes the data of the applicant


  • Passport or identity document in force until the end of their stay
  • Proof of sufficient funds to enable it to finance travel and stay
  • Letter of invitation from an individual or a company in Chile
  • Hotel reservation when you do not have a contact person in Chile

Below  link to the table in 2016 Visas and fees, in the same document indicating whether or not you should get a visa to enter Chile, reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile:


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